Burning Resins & Powders(& charcoals)
These are a natural form of incense that are usually burned on discs of charcoal.
They can also be burnt on the top plate of a hot wood stove or pot belly.

Incense available in tubs, $10 each
(the weight in the tub is dependent on whether the incense is a resin/gum or a powder)

Those marked with ** are natural resins/powders
**Benzoin Resin 75g
Buddha Delight Powder 40g
**Copal Gum 70g
**Cypress Wood 25g
Dragon's Blood Resin 40g
Egyptian Musk Resin 60g
**Frankincense Resin 60g
Kamasutra Resin 70g
**Laurel Berry 40g
Mystic Rose Petals 10g
**Myrrh Gum 60g
Nag Champa Powder 40g
Patchouli-Amber Powder 50g
**Sal Tree Gum 60g
**Sandalwood Powder 30g
Spikenard Powder 40g
Valerian Powder 40g

Some resins available in small bags
(around 5g to 10g depending on resin)
**benzoin gum $3
**copal gum $3
**dragon's blood $4.50
**frankincense gum $3
**gum arabic $3
**myrrh $3
**sweet myrrh(oppopanax) $3
**sandalwood $3.50
**golden copal $3
**honey amber $3
**black copal $3

**storax $3

(for burning the resins and powders on)
these come in packs of 10 discs

1 pack $3
2 for $5
box of 10 packs $20